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Activating the Divine Feminine

Activating the Divine Feminine

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“Your Feminine Energy is an animating presence – a holy intelligence that holds the blueprint of who you are and your highest potential.” – Excerpt from Wild Power by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer.

There are two elements to understanding Feminine energy.

The first is the power that is innate within women; the qualities that once saw us revered as Goddesses, much of that based around our cyclic bodies and intrinsic qualities. This is what will help us step into our personal power.

The second is understanding that we ALL – male or female in born gender – hold within us both Feminine and Masculine energy. This is what will help create the sort of balance on Earth that could end wars.

The balance of Feminine / Masculine energy within each of us is known by some cultures as Yin/Yang.

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